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WSS Leadership Summit

Social Service Institute

  • Social Service Institute Presentations can be found here.


CfA Summit 2013 | City Spotlight: San Francisco

Tiana Wertheim, Jacob Solomon and Marc Hebert talk about San Francisco Human Services at CfA Summit 2013




Work Support Strategies Idaho

Idaho State DHHS Staff were able to join Work Support Strategies at the 2013 Social Services Institute to discuss some of their innovations around integrated eligibility and their move towards same day processing.

Video - Part 1



Video - Part 2



County Self-Assessment

WSS Policy Review Subcommittee

County Innovation Document

State Innovations

  • New Hanover ePass Video – New Hanover County designed a Youtube Video to teach community partners how to use ePass.  Click here to watch the video

  • McDowell County Task Management – PowerPoint presentation outlining the strategy used in McDowell County to implement task management. For additional information on the process and job descriptions, click here.
  • County Best Practices – This collection of promising practices from around our state includes innovative business processes and technology innovations that have already been implemented in other counties.
  • NC Fast Best Practices - County Perspective - Powerpoint presentation outlining the strategies used in Macon, Cleveland and Buncombe Counties including Key Elements and Work Flow.

National Innovations

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

  • Key Changes in Medicaid Eligibility in 2014 - North Carolina is in the midst of planning for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, of which many provisions take effect the end of this year. The following documents from the WSS project funders provide a high level overview of important information. This document provides an overview of eligibility from a national perspective. Given that North Carolina will likely not expand the Medicaid program, our state will have different coverage.
  • CMS Single Streamlined Application Video – The ACA requires states to create a single streamlined application for insurance affordability programs (including Medicaid and Advanced Premium Tax Credits). This video provides an overview of what the eligibility determination experience will be for customers.

Articles and Reports