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The next round of supervisor trainings will be held:

  • 3/26 Central Region -- Chatham County DSS located at 102 Camp Dr., Pittsboro, NC from 9 to 3:30.
    You do not need to register if you registered for the canceled session.
  • 4/16 Eastern Region -- Halifax County DSS. 4421 US Hwy 301, Halifax NC 27839, 9-3:30.
    You do not need to register if you registered for the canceled session.
  • 3/19 Western Region -- Buncombe County DSS building on Aston St. Asheville NC

All participants must register at this link:


Please join us for a series of trainings designed to give your Economic Services supervisors the tools they need to be more effective in their management and leadership of staff. As a part of our Work Support Strategies project, we are offering a 4-session training that has been developed specifically for you by national experts. Below are all the details you need to know so that your staff can participate.


All Attendees Must Register in Advance for this Training.



One staff member per county. It is our goal to get participation from as many counties as we can. To most effectively capitalize on the training please consider selecting someone who:

  • Is a supervisor
  • Can participate in all four sessions for best possible results
  • Can be prepared to help develop or lead training for the rest of your team


Throughout the last two years of WSS, training for line level supervisors has consistently come up as a concern and an area of need. As supervisors increase in number in many counties and adapt to major changes (integrated policy, new systems, temporary/contract workers, additional scrutiny, different staff skills, etc.), capitalizing on the resources and expertise as a part of WSS gives us the opportunity to better equip staff to handle these changing roles.


In order to ensure that your staff member can be trained, we ask that you identify who from your county should participate and can lead this effort when they return. Again, we are asking that, if possible, the same supervisor attends all four trainings, beginning with SSI:



This training has been developed specifically for us by our national WSS Technical Assistance Team. It will rolled out in a series of four trainings over the next 7 months. Each training will build upon the previous training and each session will have work outside of the session to help folks practice what they are learning. This training will not focus on NC FAST, but will instead focus on overarching themes of supervision (such as):

  • Management Styles
  • Change Management
  • Prioritization & Time Management
  • Coaching, Mentoring and Professional Development
  • Problem Solving & Performance Management


The four-series training began with Social Services Institute, and will continue through the fall regional directors meetings (excluding Central which is looking at January for an alternate time to accommodate the fall training), into the winter directors meetings, and concluding at next year's Leadership Summit. The initial training at SSI is being offered three times to accommodate sessions of 25 participants each. Participants will then be meeting with their region for a full day of training in Nov/Dec. and Feb/Mar. The Leadership Summit conclusion will be another session breakout and will be held April 29-May 1, 2015 in Greensboro.


The second training for the Eastern region was November 20th.

The second training for the Western region was December 4th.

The second training in the Central region was January 8.


If you have any questions you can either contact us at

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